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This business and training model is not like most others as the Ceo and Teacher HairDocTk had a bout with cancer leading her to start mentoring and advanced trichology and hair restoration classes as she is committed to all her communities

What Is Offerd And Why This Training Is Unique

Private One On One access with a 36 year licensed holistic hair expert, Licensed Instructor , TedxSpeaker and Published Author

Beginner Courses

Brand new to extensions? This is the best EDUCATIONAL training you can receive with bands on private tutoring learning STRAND BY STRAND methods i teach . All Products tools will be recommended after the model is completed 

Education Based Learning

Learn About All The top manufacturers suppliers pros and cons from a 35 year extension guru tips tricks and “Trade Secrets ” 

Realworld Projects

As This training is NO PRODUCT based and is soley EDUCATION, you are Learning from a 35 year expert continued mentoring and tutoring one on one at your salon at a discounted rate helping you asses and consult clients who can be a challenge

Progress Tracking

As a Certified Loc Doc ™️ i encourage you to bring you models that your have done per method on at a follow up appointment to teach the rebond techniques another one of my trade secrets is at the hourly rate for “mentoring ” 

Lessons Plans

Tutoring Per hour on continuing education is required for all of those who want to become a certified trichologist, 6 months is requirement of continuing

Teacher Training

Are you a beauty school instructor? Fear not so was i in the early stages of my career and. i offer a comprehensive 6 week course for the instructors depending on the amount and size of students 

 Most Popular Courses

An Overview of the methods taught, however the most utilized method i teach with successful results is euro locs micro links and a strand by stand approach .

What People Are Saying

“I wasn’t sure what i was going to do as a health professional and hair stylist i can’t believe how amazing this brand is and how Tk is so passionate about helping our community! I learned trade secrets that have saved me thousands on “other classes ” who soley focus on product and tools ! This is all about EDUCATION and real experience i am so grateful 

Heather , Hair And Body By Heather

“Wow i am so amazed at everything absolutely love this business model and way of learning, this is my only “training ” that actually received the most important feedback And not all about selling me  a tool of hair it’s all about EDUCATING.”

Jessica Key  

“After 6 years of knowing TK just wow she is by far the best hands down at EDUCATING and she is so passionate about helping other stylists and her communities, I was even involved in the foundation Superhairoes  to assist cutting hair for awearness .”

Katherine Pallazo

“This lady definitely knows her stuff! i was referred to her through another stylist friend Rita Macias , and no coincidences there, a super kewl dow to earth lady with a wealth of knowledge, and vast life experiences, WOW,  hands down i got the trade secrets! saves a lot wasted time and money on research.”


Extend  Your Cliental Base 

As a 35 year holistic licensed hair expert teacher and wellness consultant my goal is to grow a community of holistic hair professionals by providing you the opportunity to get listed on my professional salon directory Extension Hair Salons .

Continued Tutoring Courses

Taking one class doesn’t make anyone an expert my goal is continuing education and private tutoring at a discounted rate .

Premium Courses

Learning how to consult and avoid issues is the most important things i will teach you to become a “corrective extensionist ” having continued tutoring per client allows me to show you why i utilize mostly STRAND BY STRAND teaching 


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