Taking One class doesnt make anyone an  expert, so I’m  here to assit in your continued education as you extend your business and your clients along the way !

Tape-In Extensions

Proper section and placement is key to longevity depending on the brand you choose. I will show and  explain all pro cons of popular manufactures and offer alternatives as again my torturing is NOT PRODUCT based but what “they” don’t tell you. 



As being personally experienced , certified, and a wearer of all methods , in all STRAND BY STRAND methods  i will explain and show all cold fusions methods , pros cons and trade secrets that enabled me to have my successful businesses




This is the basis of ALL extension systems it is the “Foundation ” without this teaching one can’t master in corrective work that i do , so i  offer mentoring along your journey while teaching you  ALL the pro cons explained in detail , ALL the companies why where how ! you learn all my trade secrets untilizing strand by strand method approach and all the rest will follow 



One simple guided class  and my way i have implemented over years,  however,  this is my last choice preference of methods and i will explain and show why i stick to links locks methods utilizing STRAND BY STRAND methods for many, many  reasons of choice 


Natural Beaded Rows

The LATEST craze and the Very LEAST  of what i teach or utilize for many reasons, however the basic fundamentals will be taught and again all the pros cons do and don’ts of why i focus on STRAND BY STRAND methods mostly .


Coloring -Cutting Extensions

Coloring extensions and cutting yes is a whole new approach and i will teach you my trade secrets and a few formulas to keep hair quality and color not compromised. Integrity and consistency is key for color and cutting after installation it’s not your “normal “ hair 


Intro to Trichology

Hair loss is on the rise , with my continued mentorship and tutoring you will be able to asses hair loss issues and use my patented solutions to become a certified trichologist under my company brand with the Loc Docs ™️.


Trichology and Hair Loss

Trichotillomania  Trichotillomania (trick-o-till-o-may-nee-uh) (TTM or “trich”), also known as Hair Pulling Disorder, is characterized by the repetitive pulling out of one’s hair. Trichotillomania is one of a group of behaviors known as Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), self-grooming behaviors in which individuals pull, pick, scrape, or bite their hair, skin, or nails, resulting in damage to the body. Find out how to get to the Root Issues Of All “Dis-Ease.”  Want to know the secret of regrowing hair? Contact me for training information and start dates.


Hair Extension Courswork

You've been waiting for a course to teach you the basic methods of hair extensions.  Not just a video but a real one-on-one course. I will use my expertise to teach you about hair and how to use extensions to enhance your hair without damage.

Mentorship Sessions

Are you a certified hair extensionist that wants to upgrade your skills, learn a new techniques, or have questions you want answered while you atually work?  Then use the Mentorship Sessions, where I bring my experience to you.

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