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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common FAQs asked.

Do I need to have extension experience to apply?

Absolutely not! i actually prefer to train and mentor those who are brand new to ensure your training is correcting taught from the beginning this ensure you’re not acquiring bad habits you have to fix later

I just enrolled! When will I receive my starter kit?

Tools are supplied at the class as it depends on which method you are staring with . Some classes are education only and those resources will be shared at the class

How long does the course take to complete?

This depends on each individual’s skill set , experience and long term goals .There Isn’t a set timeline , however most feel confident after their first live model. 2 days are a requirement per method of application for most

What is Continuing Education?

The Basic for each specific méthod to get thru your live class, after completing the course you will be quided on proper tools and all the why and why nots.

How often do I need to get my clients extensions reinstalled?

With Each method is a different protocol this will all be explained in full details at your training classes .

What products do you recommend using on my extensions?

Recommend professional products will be explained throughout the class pros cons and all the why nots in my book

Hair Extension Courswork

You've been waiting for a course to teach you the basic methods of hair extensions.  Not just a video but a real one-on-one course. I will use my expertise to teach you about hair and how to use extensions to enhance your hair without damage.

Mentorship Sessions

Are you a certified hair extensionist that wants to upgrade your skills, learn a new techniques, or have questions you want answered while you atually work?  Then use the Mentorship Sessions, where I bring my experience to you.

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