Phoenix Hair Extensions Training

With this  Patented Method  and an industry changing education model, HairDocTK® has solved all of these problems and has helped stylists across the world to do the same.

Best Courses

The Only Holistic Hair Extension Methods That Consistently Delivers The Best Long Term  Results

From the beginning, HairDocTK has understood that millions of people have un-natural hair loss due to "Dis-ease" and has created a way to restore hair, holistically utilizing her patent pending hair extensions and hair restoration systems along with her  inner wellness products


Loc Doc Certification ™️

The Master Course Utilizing strand by strand the "HairDocTK way"

Sew-In Certification

The Fundamentals of Speedy Wefts. 

Micro Link and Locs

Micro Link Lock is the most common method among the best Pros however, I will teach you my "trade secrets "and how to perfect this technique using my loc doc™️ methods.

Tape-In Certification

This is a great method for most however i teach you how to repair damage utilizing extensions .

Beaded Weft Method

After your first class, I will explain why I rarely use this method anymore.


A great method used as a partial alternative and for those focused more towards hairloss clients this included in your Loc Doc ™️specialist certification


Become an Extension Specialist

What sets This Training apart from other schools?

All students and stylists benefit from Master Trainer Tammy Kelly otherwise known as HairdocTK the HairDoc , with her 30 plus years directly hands on with each client.

TK lives and breathes hair extensions, hair loss prevention,and the best ways to maintain great hair health and a dedicated client base that flies in from all over the United States to see her for their hair extension and hair recovery needs.

Learn by Doing

A Live Model is Essential For My Tutoring Solutions

Why? Because your manikin can’t tell you his or her concerns or maintenance questions once the extensions are installed. You will be required to bring your First model back at the follow-up to be properly tutored on proper removal, rebond techniques color, and how to reset hair for the next reapplication.

This Is How YOU as the professional will be able to maintain your client's longevity with her own hair, and the durability of the extensions you have purchased

You learn tricks of the trade that only comes from decades of working hands-on and one on one with clients. My Private training is client-focused, not product-focused.

Prevents Damage

My training is client-focused, not product-focused. Hair extensions are used not only to achieve longer, thicker hair but also to add color, highlights, low-lights, texture, and volume and to correct breakage or a bad haircut. You would never use the same hair color on all of your clients so why would you use only one method of hair extensions? I teach multiple methods so that you can service your client's unique hair needs. What this means to you is a loyal client base, word-of-mouth referrals, and more money in your pocket!


Hair Extension Client Consulting
Link & Locs Extension Systems
Cold Fusion Supreme Pre-Bond Extension System
Micro Sealed Flat Weft Sewing Extension Systems
Braiding, Integrations, Lace Frontals, Wigs, Toupees "limited availability "
Hair Regrowth Programs

Styling Versatility

Some of you will be upset by what I say, but that is only my opinion. I have run 3 successful businesses using my main teaching strategy for this reason.

In addition to achieving longer, thicker hair, hair extensions can also be used to add color, highlights, low lights, texture, and volume, and to fix the breakage. However, sometimes the hairstyles they expect won't even be possible unless they're partial.

You'll have a loyal client base, more word-of-mouth referrals, and more income!

LEVEL 1 - The Basics

You will begin by learning the basic method of HairDocTk Systems ® with practice on a mannequin. You will be taught everything from consultation to fitting the right length and color of hair.

Sectioning, placement, bead work and foundation techniques, placements, and proprietary HairDocTK ®  techniques.

Learn all these through  continued education workshops along with your one-on-one mentor of 35 plus years TK .

Completion and sign-off from your mentor in this level will ensure you are comprehending the method and become confident in its application behind the chair.

LEVEL 2 - The Set Up

Once  i have  signed off and level one is complete, you will proceed to a live model .

In level two you will repeat the process of learning in application and technique, however this time on an actual human model! You will be taking everything you have learned in section 1 and putting it into real-life practice.

I will be at this point and giving you dialed in personalized feedback and coaching. I will be making sure you have every single question answered and that you feel 100% prepared and confident to take your  Loc Docs ™️ work behind the chair.

LEVEL 3 - Get Certified

With level one and two in the books, lets put you on a community directory! 

We are going to dive into web branding  and marketing training and how to market your self 

You will be taken through the process of how to get clients seeking you out as an expert extensionist and booking consultations.

You will also do your final test out model. Here you will apply two rows of Loc Docs to your model and take her through the entire process of extension application, custom coloring, cutting and styling. You will supply all the appropriate photos to  TK  and you will decide together if you are ready to move forward.

When level 3 is complete, you will join the ranks of being a certified Loc Docs Extensionist stylist and start to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Welcome to the Locs Docs ® family!

LEVEL 4 - In Person Section

Once you have completed your test out model and receive your certification, you are invited to join us . The training is included in your certification, which means you can hold Superhairoe  Events in Your area .

Receive hands-on corrections and critiques by TK one-on-one tutoring and mentoring 

Check out the Trichology  Certification class.



Can I apply while I am still in cosmetology school or working as an apprentice to become licensed?

Absolutely as my salons business model and training center welcomes students and iterns this is how i've been able to mentor so many others the correct way out of the school arena that is

Do I need to have extension experience to apply?

Absolutely not! i actually prefer to train and mentor those who are brand new to ensure your training is correcting taught from the beginning this ensure you’re not acquiring  bad habits you have to fix later


How long does the course take to complete?

This depends on each individual's skill set , experience and long term goals .There Isn't a set timeline , however most feel confident after their first live model. 2 days are a requirement per method of application for most

How often do I need to get my clients extensions reinstalled?

With Each method is a different protocol this will all be explained in full details at your training classes .

I just enrolled! When will I receive my starter kit?

Tools are supplied at the class as it depends on which method you are staring with . Some classes are education only and those resources will be shared at the class

What is Continuing Education?

The Basic for each specific méthod to get thru your live class, after completing the course you will be quided on proper tools and all the why and why nots.

What products do you recommend using on my extensions?

Recommend professional products will be explained throughout the class pros cons and all the why nots in my book

Hair Extension Courswork

You've been waiting for a course to teach you the basic methods of hair extensions.  Not just a video but a real one-on-one course. I will use my expertise to teach you about hair and how to use extensions to enhance your hair without damage.

Mentorship Sessions

Are you a certified hair extensionist that wants to upgrade your skills, learn a new techniques, or have questions you want answered while you atually work?  Then use the Mentorship Sessions, where I bring my experience to you.

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